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Molly Fitzpatrick creates fresh, modern designs for a variety of markets and applications. She believes that designs should enhance whatever they are applied to, bringing a vibrant connection to otherwise plain or cold surfaces.

Fitzpatrick lives and works in Cleveland, OH. Molly has designed textiles for a wide variety of clients in a number of markets, including major airlines, home furnishings, and baby accessories. Her work has been featured in Dwell, Interior Design Magazine, Architectural Digest Mexico, Casa Vogue, and Design Milk, among others. Her work was recently included in Dwell Magazine's The Best of New York Design Week. Molly Fitzpatrick is the Founder and Creative Director of DittoHouse - modern, bold textiles for the happy modern house.

"I have a true enjoyment of patterns and love all the rhythms and repeats I see, hear, and feel in my surroundings and myself. I aim to design with this appreciation in celebration.” -Molly Fitzpatrick


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